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3-Day Historic Ryokan stay

 and Optional activities Package

This area, which is called Nishitama, is a neighborhood located to the west of the metropolitan area in Tokyo. There are no crowds, no skyscrapers and no bustle of a city, but there are mountains, rivers, good old Japanese culture and sound of nature. It's a part of a national park. In such surroundings, people and nature coexist in harmony.

Day 1 ~Authentic Ryokan Experience~

Total Distance: 45km          Level: Hard     

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Meet a guide in Tokyo


Pick up at major hotels or train stations in Tokyo.

⇒Please let us know where you are.

Head to the historic ryokan "Kabutoya" by a chartered vehicle.


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Kabutoya Ryokan
 ~a historic Japanese-style inn~

Located in a mountain of Tokyo, this ryokan reaches an altitude of 750m above sea level. The traditional Japanese architectural structure which has the exterior with a thatched roof and the interior with Irori fireplace would totally rest your mind.


Traditional Japanese-style Room with Irori Fireplace
 & Luxurious Country Dishes for Dinner

Irori fireplace is a traditional open fireplace in Japan to make charcoal fire cooking while keeping the room warm. But it’s really rare nowadays and hard to find a ryokan with that.
In addition to that, a scenic view and a bathtub filled with hot spring will relax you enough.


Natural Hot Spring and Peculiar Spa


In addition to the bathtub in your room, there is another bathtub which is made of rock for all guests. Spa is also available at extra charges. They can give you a hamam-style (Turkish bath) spa, which is wrapping your body by herbal steam. Of course body, facial and scalp massages are on their list.


Day 2 & 3 ~Custom Itinerary~

Total Distance: 25km          Level: Easy  


1. Optional Experiences

Enjoy cultural experiences and outdoor activities during the daytime. You could also stay at the ryokan and spend a pleasant day. During the ryokan stay, complimentary drink is available.Please select 2 cultural experiences from the list below or 1 activity from the one-day excursions.