Accommodations & Hot Springs

Kabutoya Ryokan


This Japanese-style inn located at an altitude of 750 meters in a mountain of Tokyo. The traditional Japanese architectural structure, including the thatched roof and irori fireplaces, would totally rest your mind.




This old folk house is located at an elevation of 500 m. The living room is an open space for anybody so that a variety of activities is sometimes held in the space by locals.
It will be a good opportunity to communicate with local people on the mountain.


Hot Spring


It is a hot spring that wells up from the Paleozoic strata which is said to be the oldest stratum in Japan. It is in a good location that is a 10 minute walk from JR Okutama Station.


Riverside Hotel


Spend overnight at a riverside hotel. The scenic gorge views from rooms are spectacular! Calm the mind and enjoy delicious multi-Japanese course dinner. They also offer a hot spring with the view to relax and enjoy the moment.


Hot Spring


Awarded one of the best hot springs that make your skin beautiful as it contains highly alkaline. Foot-bathing, expecting relaxing and detoxification effects, is popular at this hot spring.


Hot Spring


A popular public hot spring among the locals and hikers. 
That hypotonic alkaline water will beautify your skin. 
Jacuzzi, saunas and open-air baths are also available to relax.

Shukubo Lodgings

on Mt. Mitake


Shukubo lodgings are originally for pilgrims. Mt. Mitake has long been worshiped as a sacred mountain and there are still more than 20 Shukubo remained. Experience real Japanese culture in a homely atmosphere.


Hot Spring


This onsen is also famous as the alkaline hot spring, making the skin feel smooth which means tsuru-tsuru in Japanese. And shuttle buses from JR Musashi-itsukaichi Station are available.

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