Cultural Experiences

Ninja is one of the most popular and unique Japanese traditional culture known worldwide. You can learn how ninja act and use ninja weapons  through the authentic ninja experience here. 

Ninja Lesson in Old Samurai Residence


The effort of sutra copying is considered an expression of piety, and recognized as a devotional practice, since it comprises worship, literature, and calligraphy.

​"Shakyo" calligraphy


Mr. & Ms. Shigeta remodeled the old traditional Japanese house on the mountain and "Dyehouse Shigeta" have been opened. Depending on the season, different natural materials like flowers and  leaves are used as dyestuff.

Stencil Dyeing Workshop


You will dye a handkerchief by soaking and rubbing the cloth in a vat filled with indigo liquid made from all natural ingredients. 

Indigo Dyeing Workshop


Matcha is getting more and more popular in the world. Savor an authentic Japanese green tea with "Wagashi" sweets that come with Matcha in Japan. 

Matcha Green Tea Ceremony

Hinode, Hinohara

Bathing foot in a hot spring is popular in Japan. By promoting blood circulation, your whole body gets warm without taking all your clothes off. 

Foot Bathing

in Natural Hot Spring


“Washi” is Japanese traditional paper which is designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Washi paper is tough, long-lasting and it feels really nice.

Washi Paper Making


Wagashi is traditional Japanese sweets usually served with a cup of green tea. You can learn how to make wagashi from scratch. After that, you may have your wagashi with a cup of matcha green tea at a tea ceremony room.

Wagashi Making Workshop