Restaurants & Food

They serve seasonal local food on unique serving dishes made of natural materials like bamboo, large leaves, or sometimes fruits. You can enjoy the taste and the pretty appearance.

Mountain Village Restaurant Kurochaya

The cafe, used to be a wedding chapel, is located by the Tama River and we can enjoy the beautiful scenic view from the terrace with afternoon tea set.

Western Tea Garden

Rose Town

The restaurant offers homemade vegetables on a big plate with beautiful decoration. They also serve very local sake brand Kisho.

Sake Restaurant


Soba noodles which are made from buckwheat are popular over here because of the fresh water from spring. It will be the best combo with deep-fried vegetables.

Soba Noodles

Remodeled old-style warehouse built about 100 years ago, this restaurant serve healthy and tasty dish of seasonal seasonal ingredients. There is an art gallery upstairs. 

Gallery Restaurant


Wild vegetables (山菜:sansai) are edible plants growing wild in mountains. They have unique tastes, good nutrition and some of them are bitter. Those are pickled or seasoned in traditional way. 

Wild vegetables