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Hatonosu Gorge

Beneath an approximately 40m long cliff, the Tama river runs amidst the huge crags and rocks of Okutama's gorgeous ravine. Enjoy fishing, camping, fun of the water, walks and more!   (Okutama World /Okutama Town Sightseeing Section)

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The natural changes of Japan's four continental seasons are a beautiful spectacle. In contrast to the city center, the seasonal parade in the forest-rich mountains of Okutama is breathtakingly dynamic, with autumn unfolding like a beautiful painting. 

​In the upstream region of Hatonosu Ravine sits Shiromaru Dam, which holds back the Tama River and is a good place for watching passing schools of fish. Further upstream from the dam lake is Kazuma Gorge. One of Okutama's most peaceful valleys, the area is very popular among fishers. 

 (Okutama World /Okutama Town Sightseeing Section)


3 hour (approx.) 

Approximate Transportation Expenses

by buses - - - JPY ¥1,000 /person

by taxis - - - JPY ¥5,000 /taxi

by a chartered vehicle - - - JPY ¥7,000 /hr

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