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Indigo Dyeing Workshop

You can experience Indigo fabric Dyeing at the workshop at “Kosoen” in Ome-city.

Indigo is called “Ai” in terms of color in Japanese. It’s deep, bright blue color as you can see the picture below. This color has attracted people by generations and also called “Japan blue”. You can see the color in your daily life such as the Japan National Soccer team. Their uniforms are Ai color and the team is called Samurai Blue.

Ai is actually collected from the leaves of the Japanese indigo plants and

Ai-zome(Indigo dyeing) is performed at Litmus known as froth fermentation with our hands, so each Ai has a different hue of blue and expression. There is never the same result. You can see how the colors change by yourself and get your original piece at the workshop. This technique has been used from the Edo period. Very interesting!

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