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Hossawa Falls (Hinohara village) - its appearance changes in seasons

Please take a look at the movies below. You will see this is why the falls has been selected as one of the hundred waterfalls in Japan.

In the winter season, the falls are frozen over and the shape is unique and different in every year.

The frozen falls looks really beautiful and photogenic, so many people come take photos of it even though it is really cold out there.

(Average temperature is around 0 up to -10℃)

The falls never lets you feel down as the appearance changes in seasons. The summer season is also a good time to visit there. The area is really chilly and the air is really clean. Furthermore, if you visit there during their annual summer festival, you can see the falls illuminated and it's amazing! The festival is held 2 days in a row in August and you can enjoy watching fireworks as well.

Despite that this area is not a well known place, many visitors come throughout a year because of the reason mentioned above.

If you are interested in visiting there, please just contact us.

We would love to take you this amazing place anytime :)

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