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1-Day Iris Flower Festival &

                                           Sake Brewery Tour

Best season: early June

This area, which is called Tama, is a neighborhood located to the west of the metropolitan area in Tokyo. There are mountains, rivers, good old Japanese culture and sound of nature instead of crowds, skyscrapers and bustle of a city. In such surroundings, people and nature coexist in harmony.

1. Get Dressed in Yukata

Meet at JR Shinjuku Station and get dressed in a yukata  (a casual cotton kimono ,usually worn in summer) at a shop.

And we will head to Higashi-murayama City by a chartered taxi. 


2. Kaiseki Cuisine Restaurant

Kaiseki cuisine means Japanese multi-course meal that was originally a light meal served before a tea ceremony. But it has been sophisticated as a traditional Japanese cuisine and served at exclusive restaurants and Japanese-style hotels (ryokan) today.

*We will visit other restaurants when this restaurant is not available.


3. Iris Flower Festival

8,000 Japanese irises of 300 varieties bloom at the Kitayama Park. We can ride on a jinrikisha (Japanese rickshaw) and go to the Seifukuji Temple where a national treasure is stored. 

Some music events and dance performances will be also held.