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Okutama, Ome, Hinode, Hinohara

This area is very popular for hikers due to the plenty of the hiking trails and the distance from the central Tokyo.


April ~ October



This exciting and thrilling experience is highly recommended. Enjoy zip-line, water sliding and jumping from a cliff...

All Seasons


Akiruno, Okutama, Ome, Fussa

Enjoy viewing the landscapes of rural area in Tokyo. There are several courses in the countryside, along the rivers as well.

April ~ November

Forest Therapy Roads

Okutama, Hinohara

Walking in verdant forest heals the soul and promotes the health. Okutama is one of the area which have the largest collection of giant trees in Japan. Enjoy guided walk of one of the “Therapy Road” and forest tea-time with an original herbal tea.


April ~ October

River Rafting

Okutama, Ome

Enjoy paddling and floating down the Tama river on a rubber boat. Feel relaxed by hearing the voices of water and trees in nature.

April ~ November

Okutama Historical Road


5 hours moderate hiking to the final destination, Lake Okutama. The discontinued railway, shrines and the suspension bridge is remarkable things to see.

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