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Enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine in SATOYAMA @TOKYO

Traditional Japanese Full-course Dinner

Savor an amazing Japanese cuisine at a traditional authentic architectural-style restaurant. They serve seasonal local food on unique serving dishes made of natural materials like bamboo, large leaves, or sometimes fruits. You can enjoy the taste and the pretty appearance. It will be served also at a wooden modern-style restaurant.

There are also varieties of Japanese cuisine around this area. Soba noodles which are made from buckwheat are popular over here because of the fresh water from spring.

Wild vegetables (plants) are also popular local food in Satoyama Tokyo. These are edible vegetables (plants) growing wild in mountains. They have unique tastes, good nutrition and some of them are bitter. Those are pickled or seasoned in traditional way. Eating wild vegetables has been linked with mountain villages in Japan from ancient times.

Additionally, potatoes, wasabi, KONNYAKU (jelly-like food made from KONNYAKU yam), AKIKAWA beef, and OME pork are well known.

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