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Tour Code: JSG002

[Tama River Course]
1-Day Tamagawa Excursion

Best season: Summer ~ Autumn (Except Mondays and Fridays)

*This journey is operated in a private vehicle.

1. JR Ome Station

Meet your English-speaking guide at the Exit.

*You can choose the pickup or private transportation service from your hotel as an option. Please ask us for the additional fee if your group needs the service.

2. Stroll around JR Ome station

This popular tourist destination is famous as the birthplace of Japan's Showa-era (1926 - 1989) retro. In the Ome shopping arcade, which is like a time slip back to the Showa period, there is the Showa Retro Products Museum*, where we can experience the lifestyle and culture of the Showa period, which lasted for 64 years, including confectionery, beverages, miscellaneous goods, stationery and medicines that were sold in the Showa period, including valuable packages not preserved even by manufacturers. We can see the culture of daily life in the Showa era. Furthermore, visitors can also see the works of the last signboard painter, Mr Kubo Itakan.

*Showa retro museum visit included only on Sat and Sundays due to the business day.


3. Yoshino Eiji Memorial Museum

The museum commemorates Eiji Yoshikawa, a nationally famous author renowned for his historical novels such as “Miyamoto Musashi” “Sangokushi” and “Shin Heike Monogatari”.
The museum was built in Ome City, where he is an honourary citizen, to honour his outstanding achievements and to prevent the dispersal of his many valuable materials and pass them on to future generations.
The museum contains Western and Japanese-style facilities built between the Edo (1603-1867) and Meiji (1868-1912) periods. Together with its beautiful garden, it creates a temporal journey for visitors.


4. Gyokudo Art Museum

Mr Gyokudo KAWAI is a great master of Japanese painting, contributed to the advancement of Japanese art and culture through the mid 18s to the early 19th century.
The museum is located in his favorite place - along the Mitake valley to preserve his works, and personal belongings, and to impart his true value to posterity for many years to come

*Ranked the Best 5 Japanese gardens in Japan on the Sukiya Living Magazine. (The journal of Japanese Gardening)



5. Stroll along the Mitake Valley

The valley has been selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. It is considered one of the most beautiful clear water beauties in the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. The 4 km promenade on both banks of the Tama River delights the eye of the beholder with its seasonal abundance of nature, including cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in early summer, and autumn leaves in autumn. The promenade near the river also allows visitors to experience the river's powerful flow. Various tourist facilities such as the Gyokudo Art Museum, Ozawa Sake Brewery, Kanzashi Museum, and Kansanji Temple are connected to the promenade.


6. Lunch at "Sawanoi Mamagotoya"

Located along the Tama river. They serve a Japanese traditional multi-course meal using freshly made tofu and Yuba(tofu skin) made from fresh water and selected domestic soybeans. The water is the same water used to brew Sawanoi sake.

*We will visit other restaurants when this restaurant is not available.

7. Ozawa Sake Brewery / Sawanoi Garden

Founded in 1702, Ozawa Sake Brewery is the oldest sake maker around this area, standing amongst the scenic beauty of the Tama River, Tokyo. Tour the brewery where over 300 years of sake-making traditions are passed down through generations.


8. JR Ome Station

Price per Person

  JPY ¥ 68,600 for single 

  JPY ¥ 51,500  for a group of 2

  JPY ¥ 43,500  for a group of 3

  JPY ¥ 27,500  for a group of 4

  JPY ¥ 23,500  for a group of 5

  JPY ¥ 20,500  for a group of 6


  - English-speaking guide

  - Lunch

  - Transportation during the tour (Chartered Vheicle)

  - Admission fees​

  - Travel Insurance

  - Sake tasting

Departure Point & Time

  - JR Ome Station Exit  at 8:55am

    ⇒Check the meeting point on a map

    *You can also choose the pickup or private transportation service from your hotel as an option.

      Please ask us for the additional fee if your group needs the service.

Return Point & Time

  - JR Ome Station at 3:00pm(approx.)


Cancellation Policy

  - If you cancel at least 14 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.

  - If you cancel between 8 and 13 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure,

    there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.

  - If you cancel within 7 day(s) of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Important Information

  - If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know when you book.

  - Please note that the tour itinerary and order may change.

  - Due to weather conditions, natural disasters or any other special conditions, we could cancel tours.

    When we cancel the tour, we will refund all the tour cost you paid.

Participation is subject to confirmation of the following

 - You must not have been diagnosed with symptoms similar to those of the novel Coronavirus within two weeks of the date of participation

 - No close contact with a person infected with the novel Coronavirus within two weeks of the date of participation

 - Do not have a body temperature of 37.5°C or higher, or cold symptoms, and do not feel ill on the day of participation

*All participants will be asked to submit the pre-consultation check sheet and to measure body temperature in order to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 at the first check-in.


[Our countermeasures against COVID-19]

If you have traveled to or had close contact with an infected person in the past two weeks, or have symptoms similar to those of infection, please refrain from participating in the experience and cooperate in taking your temperature, disinfecting, and filling out your personal information on the day of the experience.  

 - Practice good health and hygiene measures such as wearing a mask in crowded areas and washing/sanitizing your hands, even if you are vaccinated.

 - Maintain physical distancing.

Tour Code : JSG002

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