Day Tour Packages

You can customize your trip in a rural area of Tokyo. Please check out popular itineraries below and try anything you want to do in Japan.

Experience indigo dyeing in an authentic and traditional method. We will visit a historic temple, a gallery restaurant and sake brewery.


1-day Indigo Dyeing &

Sake Brewery Tour

cycling_02 (photoAC).jpg

River runs through this area and it's a sources of environmental sustainability around here. Enjoy cycling along a country road.


1-day Cycling, Foot Bathing

Sake Brewery Tour

Akiruno, Fussa

Discover the local culture of Japan.  Enjoy having a ninja class, a washi paper making and a sake brewery tour.


1-day Washi Making &

Ninja, Tea Ceremony Tour

Hinode, Fussa

This Japanese-style inn is located at an altitude of 750 meters in a mountain of Tokyo. The traditional Japanese architectural structure, including the thatched roof and irori fireplaces, would totally rest your mind.


Kabutoya Ryokan

Japanese-style hotel


Visit a traditional folk house on a mountain, soy sauce brewery and  a sake brewery besides a Zazen Meditation experience.


1-day Zazen Meditation &

Soy Sauce Brewery Tour

Akiruno, Hinohara

Shukubo lodgings are originally for pilgrims. Mt. Mitake has long been worshiped as a sacred mountain and there are still more than 20 Shukubo remained. Experience real Japanese culture in a homely atmosphere.


Komadori Sanso

Shukubo Lodging

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