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Day Tour Packages

You can customize your trip in a rural area of Tokyo. Please check out popular itineraries below and try anything you want to do in Japan.

1-day Indigo Dyeing &

Sake Brewery Tour


Experience indigo dyeing in an authentic and traditional method. We will visit a historic temple, a gallery restaurant and sake brewery.


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1-day Cycling, Foot Bathing

Sake Brewery Tour

Akiruno, Fussa

River runs through this area and it's a sources of environmental sustainability around here. Enjoy cycling along a country road.



1-day Washi Making &

Ninja, Tea Ceremony Tour

Hinode, Fussa

Discover the local culture of Japan.  Enjoy having a ninja class, a washi paper making and a sake brewery tour.



Kabutoya Ryokan

Japanese-style hotel


This Japanese-style inn is located at an altitude of 750 meters in a mountain of Tokyo. The traditional Japanese architectural structure, including the thatched roof and irori fireplaces, would totally rest your mind.



1-day Zazen Meditation &

Soy Sauce Brewery Tour

Akiruno, Hinohara

Visit a traditional folk house on a mountain, soy sauce brewery and  a sake brewery besides a Zazen Meditation experience.



Komadori Sanso

Shukubo Lodging


Shukubo lodgings are originally for pilgrims. Mt. Mitake has long been worshiped as a sacred mountain and there are still more than 20 Shukubo remained. Experience real Japanese culture in a homely atmosphere.


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