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​Online Experience

Tour code:JO220226

 How to forge Japanese Samurai Swords​

February 26 (Sat), 2022

E-meet at Zoom at 11:00am / 3:00pm (Japan time)


Price: JPY 1,980~ / person

(Tax included)

<<Paid Opiton for up to 10 persons>>

     18cm Tamahagane chef's knife

      * Price details are listed below


What you'll do


Japanese swords are not only strong as weapons but also beautiful as works of art.

Japanese sword production techniques have been refined and developed over a long history.


He manufactures Tamahagane, the raw material for Japanese swords,

using the traditional manufacturing method known as "tatara" which is rare in Japan.

About 300 swordsmiths currently use the same steel distributed in Japan, but at Hirata Blacksmith, he makes unique Japanese swords, kitchen knives, and knives using the Tamahagane.

In this online experience, Mr. Sukehira Hirata, a sword craftsman, will introduce you to a forging studio where Japanese swords are actually made, and will show you part of the process of making Japanese swords.

Also, you will be able to purchase "a 18cm chef's knife made of his Tamahagane" for a paid option.


・English speaking online guide

Paid option: 18cm Tamahagane chef's knife

  (The knife will be shipped after the experience.)


Meeting & Starting Time

February 26 (Sat), 2022

E-meet at Zoom at 11:00am / 3:00pm (Japan time)


・Zoom should be installed in your device which is connected to the internet.

    *If you are not familiar with using ZOOM, we recommend that you enter room early.

     We will open Zoom from 30mins before the starting time.

​・The tour will start on time. We will not wait for no-shows.


60 mins. (approx.) 

Minimum # of Participants



Cancellation Policy

If you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled starting time, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.


18cm (about 7inches)Tamahagane chef's knife

コメント 2020-08-19 140332.png

Blacksmith, Mr. Sukehira Hirata

About Mr.Sukehira

After graduating from high school, He became a disciple of Sukesada Ueda Master Swordsmith, a master of home-made steel in Bizen Osafune, Okayama Prefecture, and studied about home-made steel and forging technique for 13 years.


After that, he became independent in Ome City, Tokyo, and produce Tamahagane, the raw material of Japanese swords, using Tatara Ironmaking, which is few in number even across the country.

★Online experience only 

JPY ¥1,980/person 

★Including a 18cm Tamahagane chef's knife (Up to 10 persons)

JPY   ¥76,980~*/person

*Cost Breakdown:

1,980 yen(tax included) + 18cm chef's knife 75,000 yen (tax included)

+     international shipping fee.

+ custom and other fees should be paid by receiver*

*Customs fees and other fees may also be incurred

  when parcels are imported into a destination country.

  Customs tariffs and other views are at the discretion of the local customs

  and related authorities at the delivery location.

  Any fees which are incurred must be paid by the receiver.

We will accept credit card payments only. (Master,Visa)

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