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Artisan of
Natural Forest

Chiyoko Tanaka
Nature Guide at Tanaka Forestry in Hinohara Village

It is so exciting to explore a mountain forest with her

Since she was born and raised in a small mountain town, she spent her childhood surrounded by nature, mostly running around the fields and playing with natural materials.

After getting married to a woodman of the 15th generation at Tanaka forestry in Hinohara village, she learned more about the natural plants based on her childhood experience and started working as a forest specialist that she now offers forest activities to convey the charm of the forest through handicrafts such as wild grass cooking, medicinal tea making, plant dyeing and wreath, and wall decoration making.

It has been 15 years since she moved to Hinohara village and now she is a mother of 2 young boys.



Visit her Instagram for more details on her work.

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