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​Atrisan of Ninja

Takeo Kubota 
Hiroyuki Kobayashi 
Ninjya Masters at Tokyo Hinode Bukeyashiki in Hinode-Town, Tokyo

What is a Ninja?

About 500 years ago, there were ongoing mass killings over small plots of land in Japan. 

Places called Iga, Koga, and Togakushi are all small villages in the mountains where Ninjutsu was developed to protect small families.
When the enemy came to kill a family, They fought with weapons for the first time as a ninja.

Ninjas were sent to war and were mainly responsible for gathering information about the enemy and analyzing the military strength like modern spies.

Also, as the lords were always responsible for maintaining their country, if they lose at war, they should be beheaded and Seppuku should be done in the samurai.

Ninjas reported back to their lord after seeing the happening as a mission so they were very important to the lord.


Ninja experience available

in Western Tokyo

Mr. Kubota was born and raised in Hinode-town, western Tokyo.

According to ancient documents that came out of the storehouse of his birthplace, his ancestor was a priest at Musashi Mitake Shrine on Mt. Mitake about 600 years ago.

He started operating Tokyo Hinode Bukeyashiki (Japanese traditional samurai residence) in 2011.  Now focusing on attracting foreign tourists  as a Ninja master named "Hanasaki- maru (花咲丸)".

Mr. Kobayashi was born in Ome-city where Mt.Mitake is situated.
Like Mr. Kubota, He is also a ninja master known as "Yukimaru(幸丸)" speaking English at Tokyo Hinode Bukeyashiki.

As Ninjya Masters in

the Japanese traditional samurai residence

The masters say about their enthusiasm as a ninja as follows.

“500 years after the birth of ninjas or even now, people continue to kill each other over small lands on the small planet Earth.

The rule of ninjas is "survive with your heart under the blade", so
the role of a modern ninja is to convey "the past, present, and future of the earth as seen by ninjas" in an easy-to-understand way.

Also, there is the following value in the Japanese spirit "It is not enough if you fight for it. If you share, there is more than enough."


If you are interested in Ninja,

this is the place to learn in Tokyo

They now offer the Ninja experience at the Japanese samurai residence for Japanese children and foreign tourists to experience Japanese culture.

"As we mentioned, you can learn real Japanese culture and have a ninja experience here - dressed up in ninja costume and learn how to use swords, blowguns, shuriken. Also, the "tea ceremony" is actually common with ninjas, so we will explain it in the training."

"Let's be a ninja in a real ninja house when you come to Japan!"

"Shinobi"(忍) means
"survive with your heart
under the blade"

The experience
~Takumi Experience~
Ask us for a requested date of your interest
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