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“Shiofune-kannonji Temple” Historic Temple with a 15 meter tall statue of Goddess of mercy

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Around A.D. 650, a famous nun from WAKASA-KOKU, the present HOKURIKU region in Japan, enshrined bronze statue of KANNON Bodhisattva known as a Goddess of mercy and founded this temple. After that, they have prospered greatly and 1.4 m tall wooden statue of KANNON with eleven-faced and one thousand-armed in main hall that was made in A.D. 1264 still remains.

This temple is officially called “Dai Hi Zan Shio FUNE(=In English, it means Ship, Vessel) Kannonji”. Why is the word “Ship” used?? That’s because the terrain of this site looks like a ship.

You can see historical buildings designated as cultural properties, huge Japanese cedar tree designated as a natural monument and the 15 meter tall standing statue of Kannon Bodhisattva who has a small water bottle to distribute water of virtue to people for relieving suffering and giving pleasure.

It is during mid-April and early May that this temple is the most beautiful & lovely. That is because Azalea flowers are in full bloom!

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