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Western Tea Garden with Beautiful Scenic Views

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Rose Town Tea Garden used to be a wedding chapel before and has now reopened as the café since 2012. Once you get there, you will be welcomed by 23 kind of flavored tea leaves. You first choose yours at the entrance and then have your seat.

The tables at terrace feature the beautiful scenic view because the café is located by the Tama river.

You could enjoy different views each season for the cherry blossoms and color of leaves along the river and also water activities in the river from the terrace.

Their specialty is an afternoon tea set, but there are some other choices like scorn or dessert set. The set is served with homemade sandwiches, pastries and dessert in a tree tiered stand and everything is so delicious.

There are also some other choices like only scorn or dessert set.

Once you have the scorn, you could feel the heart of the owner.

She has several recipes for the scorns, so each scorn is made in different process and from the ingredients.

This is the western rich experience in the nature - you could lose track of time by the taste, tea and the view!!

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