Indigo Dyeing Workshop

Updated: Feb 4

You can experience Indigo fabric Dyeing at the workshop at “Kosoen” in Ome-city.

Indigo is called “Ai” that is a name of color in Japanese. It’s deep, bright blue color as you can see the picture below. This color has attracted people by generations and also called “Japan blue”. We can see the color in your daily life such as the Japan National Soccer team. Their uniforms are Ai color and the team is called Samurai Blue.

At indigo dyeing workshop "Kosoen", stoles, clothing and other indigo-dyed items are produced using dyeing method known as natural ash fermentation, a technique used in the Edo period (1603-1868) when indigo dyeing was in vogue.

The indigo color that is achieved with all natural ingredients and painstaking dyeing process has warmth and depth that can't be mimicked with any other method.

(Text by Ome City Sightseeing Guide / Ome City Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division)

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