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Cherry blossoms in the western Tokyo

Spring in Japan begins with お花見!


​~What's お花見(Ohanami)??~

Literally translates to “Flower watching” and it is the Japanese traditional custom.

The Flowers in this case almost always refer to cherry blossoms, known as Sakura, in Japanese.

That’s why Ohanami scenes can be seen when cherry blossoms begin to bloom.

Also, "cherry blossom" is a synonym for "Spring" in Japan.

Meeting & Starting Time:

June 4th  (Fri)

E-meet at Zoom at 10:00am / 4:00pm

(Japan time GMT+09:00)

Duration: approx. 60 - 90 minutes (Japan standard time)

Participants: min. 20~


★Japanese Cherry Blossoms appear on Zoom 

★Explore the cities in the western Tokyo at home

★Get an idea of your own way of Ohanami (flower viewing )

JPY 990 yen per person(Tax included)

*We will accept Master / VISA card only for online payment.

Where is Nishitama?

Nishitama region is the western part of Tokyo and that means it is a neighborhood of one of the biggest metropolis in the world. But there are untouched mountains, beautiful rivers and good old Japanese culture without crowds,  skyscrapers and bustle of a city.
In such surroundings, people and nature coexist in harmony.
The one of the most remarkable aspects of this region is the distance from the central Tokyo. You will enjoy cultural experiences, visiting historic sites and even outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and river rafting as a day trip from downtown hotels in Tokyo.
*Click here to learn more about Nishitama area

About this Event

The western Tokyo, known as Nishitama district, is located just a 1-2 hours west of central Tokyo.

There are mountains, rivers, good old Japanese culture and sound of nature instead of crowds, skyscrapers and bustle of a city.

Also it is a part of national park - You can’t imagine how beautiful the area is.


There are many places to see cherry blossoms in the area and

they become one of popular attractions for the locals when they are in bloom in spring.

Usually people visit there to enjoy watching cherry blossoms and stay under the tree to party with their friends, family and neighbors. And festivals are also held at some places.


However, No gatherings were allowed this year. – Visitors had to pass by only and festivals were cancelled in order to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.


An online flower viewing event was held for those missing “Ohanami” outside this Spring and it was also a great time to introduce the Nishitama’s Sakura to people across Japan.

And now it is time for people who miss visiting Japan in the spring time!

We would like to share the event recording with many people from all over the world.

​Let's appreciate the meaning of Japan's sakura at home!


9:30 am / 3:30 pm     ZOOM will be opened

10:00 am / 4:00 pm  E-meet at ZOOM - Opening

*We will open zoom from 30mins  before the starting time.

  Please come join us by the starting time from the zoom link for the event.

  (The link will be sent at a registered email address.)

*If you are not familiar with using ZOOM, we recommend that you enter room early.

  The event will start on time. We will not wait for no-shows.

★Zoom should be installed in your device which is connected to the internet.

 Click here for general tips for ZOOM participants.

Price and Cancel policy

JPY 990 yen per person (Tax included)

*We will accept credit card payment. (Master and VISA only)

Check here to check the availability 

*If you have any further questions, please contact us at

  We will reply within 1-2 business days.

Cancel policy:

If you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled starting time, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Contact information

Japanism inc.

2113-4 Kusabana, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo 197-0802 Japan
TEL: +81-50-8881-3723

Business hour: 9:30~18:30 on weekdays

(We are closed for weekends and holidays)

Licensed Travel Agency No.2-7882


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